Unusual protea flowers

Unusual protea flowers
When I think about proteas I either think of the King Protea or this variety (I'm not sure of the name). In fact, I'd say that those are the two most popular export proteas in South Africa.

Based mostly on the plant's leaves I believe today's photo is also of a protea - although I'd say that it's a slightly unusual variety (in my non-horticultural opinion). I love proteas for two reasons - the first is that they're such hardy plants (they survive with extremely little water, and seem to flourish just perfectly in our sandy soil). The other reason is that there are so many varieties and so many different flowers that one could have the most awesome garden made up only of proteas. Do a Google image search for the words "protea flower". I think you'll be surprised at how many different type there are.

5 thoughts on “Unusual protea flowers

  1. Pamela

    Love proteas, beautiful, varied and somehow clearly ancient. My poor husband is accustomed to stopping in all sorts of difficult places to indulge my quest to photograph any I see!

  2. craig

    I do love proteas, especially as they come in so many different varieties. I grew some with success when we lived in California but sadly the Scottish climate couldn’t be less correct for them! I always liked the pinwheel variety (not sure of the proper name).

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Helen, you may be right. I just Googled Leucadendron what I found looks very similar to this photo. It looks like the the Leucadendron genus is in the Proteaceae family… so a Protea indeed. :)

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