Skydiving in tandem

Skydiving in tandum
Since I've known her Kerry-Anne's wanted to go skydiving. We tried going for a jump in Citrusdal about 5 or 6 years ago, but that little trip was called off due to an airplane malfunction before we even climbed on board!

After putting off the jump for several years she eventually decided to give it a go and had LessFuss (who are awesome) book the jump with Downhill Adventures.

The guy walking up behind Kerry-Anne was the German who she had attached to her back for the tandem jump. For reference, jumpers are attached to each other with four clasps that (luckily) make it fairly impossible for them to get separated.

3 thoughts on “Skydiving in tandem

  1. Deems

    The most fun you can have while falling at terminal velocity. I’ve done it twice now (at Plettenberg Bay airport with Skydive Plett). It’s really worth every second and every penny. On my second jump the instructor let me take the paddles and we did some wild turns – super awesome! :)

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