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Spinning parachutes

Tandem parachuting
One of our readers was just commenting on how the instructor let him take control of the parachute during a tandem jump. The instructor at the Melkbos jump site (map) also let Kerry-Anne take the reins and (as I replied to him) she made the canopy spin like a top (she likes that kind of thing, you know).

From the booking process, to the briefing, to the actual jump - we're pretty happy to recommend Downhill Adventures. The had Kerry-Anne kitted up in a matter of minutes; bundled her into the plane; and had her free-falling about 20 minutes thereafter.

Parachutes and airplanes

As mentioned in my previous post, Kerry-Anne took to the sky in a small plane and tumbled out of the plane at 10,000 feet with an instructor who (fortunately) had one of these attached to his back.

Have you jumped? If not, you really should consider it when visiting Cape Town - the view from up there is remarkable (or so Kerry-Anne tells me) and the rush is unlike any other!

For reference, the entire experience took about 45 minutes (from walking in the door, to walking out after the jump) and the cost was a R1750. Downhill Adventures will also video the experience for another few hundred Rand, depending on the option that you choose.

Skydiving in tandem

Skydiving in tandum
Since I've known her Kerry-Anne's wanted to go skydiving. We tried going for a jump in Citrusdal about 5 or 6 years ago, but that little trip was called off due to an airplane malfunction before we even climbed on board!

After putting off the jump for several years she eventually decided to give it a go and had LessFuss (who are awesome) book the jump with Downhill Adventures.

The guy walking up behind Kerry-Anne was the German who she had attached to her back for the tandem jump. For reference, jumpers are attached to each other with four clasps that (luckily) make it fairly impossible for them to get separated.