7 thoughts on “We took a ride, but where did we go?

  1. Dieter

    I’d say cable car, although I’ve never had a chance to go on it since they upgraded it. Can it really take 65 people? That is quite impressive. My sister is actually visiting Cape Town at the moment, and they’ve been keen to hike up, it sounds like the weather hasn’t been great?

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Ha ha – thanks Dieter, you’re of course correct – and I guess your photo is fair proof. :)

    Mumble, I’m not sure what you mean in your first comment – but thanks for the symbol code.

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    The 65-passenger Table Mountain cable car | Cape Town Daily Photo

  4. Jacki Sands

    Hi Paul
    How does Dance for Al get to be included on your useful links? We are a pretty interesting place to visit on the Cape Flats and are able to take visitors out to the townships to our service points. Have a look at our website for more info.

    Dance for All’s Mission is to provide children in historically disadvantaged communities with the opportunity for enjoyment, empowerment and promotion of self esteem through the medium of dance, as well as training professional dancers and developing a unique, indigenous dance company.

    We’d be happy to do a reciprocal link…?


    Jacki Sands
    Marketing Coordinator

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