A long-standing reputation of “Excellence in Maturation”

A long-standing reputation of Excellence in Maturation
Cape Town's history of wine-making started way back when Jan van Riebeeck (the first Commander of the Cape) brought the first vines to our beautiful part of Africa.

Some 200 years after this, in 1845, Jan van Ryn left Holland, landed in Cape Town, and opened a bottle store in the suburb of Rondebosch. The bottle store eventually evolved into the Van Ryn Wine & Spirit Company, whose name you can see on this 100+ year-old bottle of Harvest Brandy!

In 1884 Van Ryn's won their first international award; over the years they've won many more, including two gold awards for their 20-year-old Collector's Reserve and another two golds for their 15-year-old Fine Cask Reserve, in 2011.

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