Broken glass

Broken glass
Either someone locked their keys in their car and was forced to break a window to get inside, or the glass on this curbstone is the result of a break-in.

Some people in South Africa have opted to have a special plastic film, that prevents entire windows being easily smashed, fitted to their car's windows. Although this is mostly used as a deterrent for smash-n-grab type theft it may also make it more difficult for the smash-while-you're-away type of criminal.

I can't say that I've ever had my car broken in to in Cape Town. Have you?

3 thoughts on “Broken glass

  1. Brenda

    Unfortunately I have been one of the unlucky ones – broken into my car while having dinner at a friends house in Woodstock. Stole sunglasses, gps charger and holder and camera.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Steffe, that sounds hectic hey. It sounds like it’s almost a regular occurrence in Haninge. Perhaps it’s silly, but I’ve always had the impression that Sweden had very little crime.

    Brenda – that sucks. Woodstock is just one of those areas where I believe the frequency of break-ins is pretty high. :-/

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