Were pirates insane?

Pirate ship
I've written about the Jolly Roger before so I'll spare you the detail about pricing and where she can be boarded. :)

Seeing this ship reminded me of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, which in turn reminded me of how much I enjoy Jonny Depp's acting. But, before I get too distracted from my point... imagine how crazy men aboard pirate ships must have been to willingly sail rough oceans (in dodgy ships with few supplies) picking fights with other vessels miles from dry land.

How insane.

2 thoughts on “Were pirates insane?

  1. Gava

    Love your website. We just got back from Cape Town and my 4year old had an obsession with the Jolly Roger whenever we went to the V & A. Just a pity that time did not allow us to go on it. Will definately go back just to do it.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks for your comment Gava. Yes, you absolutely have to come back, I’m sure you’ll all love the trip – especially just before the sun sets. :)

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