An H28FT lamp post sign

An H28FT lamp post sign

I've been wondering what the sign really means. I wondered if H28FT perhaps indicates the lamp post's height - but why? So, like any web-savvy person would do I did an image search for H28FT and found... ladders. How very strange, and yet possibly appropriate.

Do you know what these signs are/were used for? Do they perhaps indicate the height that the crane, used when changing light bulbs, should pick the workmen up to reach the light fixture?

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  1. Paul

    Post author

    That’s what I suspected at first Megan, but I’m not sure anymore.

    Helen, I doubt that it means height above sea level – this spot was far higher than that. Probably not trucks either – imagine an 8M tall truck! :)

    Deon emailed me and suggested that it means the distance from a water hydrant – so yeah, Kathy, I suspect you may be right. Next time I’ll look around for a fire hydrant.

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