Farmlands and hills

Farmlands and hills
These, dear friends, are the farmlands and hills outside of Durbanville, the little suburb in which we live. This specific photo was taken from the farmlands that (I believe) belong to Fair Cape dairies. Click on the photo to see the large version - isn't it pretty out there?

This map shows pretty much exactly where I was standing when taking this photo. :)

6 thoughts on “Farmlands and hills

  1. Rob Burgoyne

    Yes, Paul, you absolutely do… or the Recommend/Share button like on CNN…

    Love what you have going here. Great photos!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Rob, I just checked out CNN’s site’s comments. I’ll see what I can do about implementing that.

    Thanks for the comment, and compliment!

  3. Rob Burgoyne

    Your comments are great – don’t change it… I was talking about the Facebook Recomend/Share button. I see at the top of the page, there is a Facebook Share button… Totally using it now. :-) Thanks!

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