Padlocked door

A padlocked door
What's with us humans that we absolutely have to know what lies behind any locked door. Well okay, perhaps it's unfair to paint us all with the same brush, but tell me that looking at this lock doesn't make you wonder what's behind the door. Well? :)

3 thoughts on “Padlocked door

  1. Anina

    Maybe the building is on a farm (seeing you were in Tulbagh) and there is some farming stuff inside – or someone just put a new lock on an old door to make us wonder!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Hamilton, yes, the angled boards are awesome. I guess you can imagine that they’re attached to an old building – part of the original farmstead I believe.

    Anina, yup, perfectly correct. As I mentioned to Hamilton. I’m suspecting it either contains an old (old) tractor, or other farming implements.

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