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I at first never noticed it; probably because I'm used to seeing padlocks on chains. Then, for some reason, this one caught my eye - something wasn't making sense - there was something peculiar about this particular padlock.

My second look revealed what had caught my attention - the lock seemed not to fulfill a purpose. While subconsciously trying to work out what purpose it could possibly serve, I noticed the heart, etched with permanent marker. Stepping closer I saw the two names written on the back, and the date written on top. The lock served no physical purpose other than being a declaration of love.

Isn't that just awesome?

Padlocked door

A padlocked door
What's with us humans that we absolutely have to know what lies behind any locked door. Well okay, perhaps it's unfair to paint us all with the same brush, but tell me that looking at this lock doesn't make you wonder what's behind the door. Well? :)