I at first never noticed it; probably because I'm used to seeing padlocks on chains. Then, for some reason, this one caught my eye - something wasn't making sense - there was something peculiar about this particular padlock.

My second look revealed what had caught my attention - the lock seemed not to fulfill a purpose. While subconsciously trying to work out what purpose it could possibly serve, I noticed the heart, etched with permanent marker. Stepping closer I saw the two names written on the back, and the date written on top. The lock served no physical purpose other than being a declaration of love.

Isn't that just awesome?

5 thoughts on “Love-locked

  1. Dieter

    Love padlocks are very common in Germany. You find them everywhere, but it is quite a recent trend. Must be quite amazing for the lock manufacturing industry. The keys are normally thrown away.

  2. Jaques

    Here in Paris, France, quite a few bridges around Notre Dame area are riddled with these love-locks.. My lady and I recently added ours to the mix. Glad CT is doing it too. peace

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