No need for shutters

No need for shutters

I remember thinking earlier this year how great it would be to have shutters on our windows. No matter how thick our curtains are, or what kind of reflective blinds we have, the heat still penetrates the glass making our home rather uncomfortable in summer. Shutters effectively prevent the sun's rays from reaching the glass, helping to keep our rooms cool.

Today I'm sitting in our lounge working on a website for Kerry-Anne - and it's absolutely freezing cold. Well, not exactly freezing (as in 0°C) - the latest reading at 17h34 shows that it's 14°C, which is really really cold for us here in Africa.

5 thoughts on “No need for shutters

  1. Nikki

    14 degrees is warm…. try 8 degrees at night in the house and it’s damp. I really wish they knew about double glazing.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    It was 9.8°C about an hour ago…
    I really wish we had double glazing and closable air vents!
    At least it’s not damp! :)

  3. Nikki

    9.8 eish…. some houses are so bad here, people wake up with ice on their bed.
    I hate winter! Least it gets hot in Cape Town, in which case shutters would be a good idea.

  4. Cristina

    I have shutters and thick curtains at my room window. I love dark when I sleep and when I get up.
    The could in the house is terrible, I’m not use to it. In Italy from beginnig of november, untill middle of april we have heating on (some central, some individual) and the temperature is always around 20° C. Not too bad!!!!

  5. Paul

    Post author

    Nikki, ICE ON THEIR BED? That’s just crazy-talk. Perhaps suggest they move to Africa – just not Jozi, it was -1 there this morning! ;)

    Cristina, it sounds like you live an idyllic life – in terms of temperature at least. How I do envy your 20°C about now…

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