Rich, perhaps famous, on Clifton beach

Rich, perhaps famous, on Clifton beach
I don't know if the people who own these homes on Clifton beach are famous, but they certainly have to be rich (or at least know someone who is!). I took yesterday's photo in exactly the opposite direction to this one, so imagine the view that people living in these homes have each day. Isn't it just insane? Wouldn't you love a house right on Clifton beach?

If you live here, or even if you just stayed here for a few days, we'd love to know who you are. I've always been curious, so leave a comment and tell us a little about what's awesome (and what's not so awesome) about living above Clifton's beaches. Also, settle my mind, don't you worry about tsunamis?! :)

9 thoughts on “Rich, perhaps famous, on Clifton beach

  1. Cathy Withers

    The beach view would be lovely, and the sunsets insane, but I think the noise, rubbish and busyness in the summer would ruin it for me. For the kind of money those houses cost I think you could do better. I would prefer Llandudno, i think.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    I think Llandudno get’s fairly busy itself Cathy, although, at Llandudno you wouldn’t have to fight your way along Victoria Road to get to your house.

  3. Nikki

    I haven’t stayed at Clifton beach but spent 2 months at Jeffrey’s Bay in a place right on the beach. I loved waking up to the sunrise over the sea and listening to the waves. It did get really noisey on the weekends though. Tsunamis are more a worry to me here in NZ. They never crossed my mind while in SA.

  4. Paul

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    Ah, that sounds awesome – I’ve never been to JBay though. Sadly. I have been on holiday close to the sea, but never as close as this. I’m fairly sure it must be awesome though… and right now, I don’t think I’d have much issue with the weekend noise! :)

    Yeah, you’re right there in Tsunami world hey… Eish!

  5. Pauline

    I love that cold, shimmering, wet sand. I can almost feel my feet sink into it and leave footprints behind with others that are walking on that beach, as I have done many times.

  6. Kerry

    Roughly 25 years ago, I lived on 3rd (in a rented house) just a short (supposedly private) pathway from the parking lot. The first night we moved in and I lay awake wishing there was a volume control for the waves… then I got used to them and in the summers, the hoards who felt the need to cup the hands around their faces and peer into my windows! It was a beautiful place to live but it did feel a bit like living in a fish bowl. We moved to Camps bay and then Higgo vale and I live in Vancouver now. I still miss Clifton and Camps Bay. Thanks so much for your pictures, I treasure getting a glimpse of “home”.

  7. Paul

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    True Pauline, I just wish the water were a few degrees warmer – far too many have lost their toes do the biting cold water. Kidding, of course. ;)

    Kerry, thanks for commenting – you’re the first person I’ve know to have stayed there! (Well, I use “known” liberally, I guess ;) ). Often, while descending the many steps to the beach, I’ve wondered about the privacy thing. The crashing waves – I’ve wondered about that also. We once stayed in an apartment on the 9th floor of a hotel next to the ocean. That was also extremely noisy, so I can imagine how loud it must be at Clifton. I expect that most houses these days have double glazed windows!

  8. Pauline

    I have friends who used to live in one of those houses on Clifton Beach, I just can’t remember if it was 1st, 2nd or 3rd Beach… You had a large panoramic view of the sea and sand from the huge lounge windows and the open patio opening out to the side. We would sit and have coffee and listen to the waves and hear people chatter as they passed on by. We felt part of the immense scenery. They have moved on and I have moved away but those memories linger…

  9. Paul

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    I can’t help but wonder wonder what wet winters are like, and what walking alone down the dark and narrow pathways to reach your beach house in the dead of night is like. Perhaps that’s why many of these homes are empty for a lot of the year?

    Summers, on the other hand, they sound awesome. Thanks for sharing! :)

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