Which is your favourite beach?

Misty morning on Clifton 2nd Beach
Clifton is truly my favourite beach in Cape Town. Truth be told, its fine white sand, large round boulders, lack of kelp, absence of wind, and beautiful scenery make it my favourite of all the beaches I've ever visited.

Leave a comment and share the location of your favourite beach. Include a link to a photo and/or a Google map, as well as a short description of why it's your favourite. If you've been unfortunate enough to never have set foot on a beach - leave a comment also, we'll commiserate your great misfortune! :)

12 thoughts on “Which is your favourite beach?

  1. Helen

    Mine is at On The Rocks Blouberg – the beach sand isn’t sand, but rounded bits of sea shells – it’s just like visiting a giant scratch patch …. Love sitting there just digging through them to find some hidden treasure – usually sea glass :)

    Also that perfect view of Table Mountian over the sea is pretty great!

  2. Steffe

    My favorite beach is a short bike ride from home. It is situated at a bay along the Baltic Sea. As we have long and cold winters here, people really appreciate the short summer and the beach is often quite crowded. I visit very often and will always bring a camera. Here is a link to one post about my favorite beach.

  3. Pauline

    This picture evokes for me the smell of that sea wet mist and I miss my beautiful Cape Town. I follow your website so I can re-visit all the places that were home for so long. Clifton is beautiful and Blouberg too, and Kommetjie and Sandy Bay – each has its unique advantages to display. The rising/setting sun, changing skies, rolling waves drawn by the wind and long evening shadows. And that beautiful, clean white sand. I live in England and the closest was a beach in Porthcurno, Cornwall.

  4. Mom

    Lovely picture Paul. Yes it is a lovely beach – I am so pleased that that Japanese trawler is not there anymore!

  5. Paul

    Post author

    @Steff, that panoramic shot you have is awesome! Although, I did feel a little like a voyeur. And, yes it was crowded! Just like one of your commentors said, looking at the pic was like playing Where’s Waldo. :) Saying that, you really should get someone dressed as Waldo to sit on the beach. It’d be loads of fun to find him in your pic. ;)

    And, was the lady in the bottom left corner really wearing a bra instead of a bikini top?! Is that normal in Sweden? (People here would consider it a little odd).

  6. Paul

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    @Helen, you should take @Mom to scratch through the shells. Like mother like daughter. And yes @Mom, although the trawler made a great subject for me to photograph, it wasn’t ideal to have it rusting away on the beach!

  7. Paul

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    @Pauline, that’s a beautiful beach, thanks for the link! Is it really as remote as the photos make it out to be? I’m guessing that the absence of people on the beach suggests it is.

    Perhaps it’s time that you return to Cape Town – even if only on holiday! :)

  8. Pauline

    Hi Paul, the beach in Cornwall is more beautiful than the photos suggest. The sea is a luminescent turquoise like some grecian island in the right light. Its gets pretty busy when its hot but can be isolated at the right time of year, like a lot of the remote beaches in the UK. There are a few small beaches like that in Cornwall that have wild sea/surf and rocks. I will return to Cape Town but not sure when but I do enjoy your pics and the feelings they evoke. Your ones on Kalk Bay were visually moving, I love the colour of the boats, harbour and people.

  9. Paul

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    @Pauline, I noticed the water and how turquoise it was and wondered if it was in fact more so than the photos conveyed. Glad you liked the Kalk Bay ones – those fishing boats really are pretty photogenic hey!

  10. Cristina

    in South Africa my favourite beaches are Noordhoek and Kommetjie Beaches. Coming from Camps Bay after Chapman’s Peak the view of the two beaches is taking my breath away every time…

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