Cloud crawls in from Table Bay

Cloud crawls in from Table Bay
The Northern Suburbs (where I live) were beautifully sunny this morning, but while driving in to the city I noticed a huge bank of low-lying cloud crawling in from Table Bay, through the V&A Waterfront, and into the city center. It looked perfectly eerie.

I arrived in the city - the mist was thick and the sun shone brightly from above, silhouetting buildings and bridges though the cloud. It was the strangest feeling driving from a place that was sunny and warm (only 25 kilometers away) to a chilly city filled with cloud.

Doesn't the cloud out in the bay look awfully ominous?

5 thoughts on “Cloud crawls in from Table Bay

  1. mjw

    It was sunny and warm five kilometres away. I drove into town from the Southern Suburbs and hit the fog bank as I drove under the new De Waal interchange. It was really weird.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Totally strange MJ. From my perspective, on the N1, it looked like a long white tongue extending from Table Bay into the city.

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