In close proximity

Kloof Nek Road and Table Mountain
I'm guessing that it's probably quite a marvel to many visitors that we have a huge mountain in such close proximity to the city. It's somewhat of a marvel to me on clear days like this too! I guess you could possibly then understand why we have such a fixation with Table Mountain.

2 thoughts on “In close proximity

  1. Kathy Shelvey

    Capetonians are not alone with the Table Mountain fixation, this UK citizen never gets tired of seeing it – especially when photographed so clearly. Love the Devils Peak shot too. Just working my way down and catching up on your wonderful posts. Regards from the UK.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    Ha ha, cool, thanks for the support Kathy. We sometimes (okay, often) go on about it so much that other South African’s get a little annoyed. Probably a little jealous, but mostly annoyed. ;)

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