Good sushi in Cape Town’s Long Street

A new sushi spot in Cape Town
If in the past you've been a great fan of Sawadee (that little restaurant just off Kloof Nek Road) then perhaps you'll be pleased to know that their sushi chef has move and opened a restaurant lower down on Long Street, where it intersects with the brick-paved Waterkant Street (map).

We met up with a friend at Phad Thai on Saturday evening. The sushi was as great as it had been at Sawadee, and the restaurant wasn't as noisy or crowded as I believe it can be during lunch hours.

It's not a pretentious restaurant by any means - the d├ęcor is modest, and there's no need to haul out your best Levis, or most plush dress. If you've never been, you'd probably do yourself a favour to visit pay Phad Thai a visit for a late lunch or early dinner.

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