Harmonie – a student residence in Stellenbosch

Harmonie - a student residence in Stellenbosch
The student's of Stellenbosch University are privileged to have what may be the most beautiful surroundings in which to live and study. Besides for the town being lovely, the university complex and student residences have large manicured lawns, huge trees, plenty of flowers, and old buildings filled with decades of history.

This particular building, named Harmonie (an Afrikaans word meaning "Harmony"), is a woman's residence filled with about 160 young students. The building was built in 1905 - which (if I recall correctly from a brief history lesson given by one of its beautiful occupants) is the oldest in Stellenbosch.

A friend and I spent some time taking photos here - it was quite beautiful and peaceful - a place that lends itself to a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for studying and daydreaming about the future.

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