More flowers above

Purple flowers above
I was in two minds whether or not to post yesterday's photo, or this one that I'm posting today - I liked them both, almost equally. I'm curious though, which do you prefer? Please leave a comment - yesterday's or today's? :)

8 thoughts on “More flowers above

  1. Deolene

    While contemplating the difference between the two, I’ve come to the conclusion that honestly I prefer yesterday’s one for the stunning sun shining down on the flowers but, today’s one causes me to stare longer at its beauty.

  2. Pauline

    Yes, I love the sun shining through the centre of the flower and the way it makes it look almost like a child’s drawing. Beautiful, bright and cheeful, thank you.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Deolene, you’re right, I just took a look at this photo and instantly felt as though I was staring off into the distance. Ha ha. :)

    jb, thanks for the feedback!

    Yes MJW, they are of the same subject though each is quite different. I often find it super difficult to decide on one photo in a group of similar (though, as in this case, different) shots.

    Thanks Mary Ann. :)

  4. Pamela

    I like both but this one is my favourite, it reminds me of lying on the grass as a child and looking up at the sky and having the daisies go out of focus, a lovely dreamy feeling.

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