Peninsula trip stop 1: Rhodes Memorial

Peninsula trip stop 1: Rhodes Memorial
You may have noticed that we're about a week behind on our daily photos. We have, you see, been at a conference in Stellenbosch for the past week.

On Saturday we hired a shuttle and driver from CT Shuttles and took a small group of our international visitors on a trip around a part of the peninsula. Over the next few days I'll endeavour to catch up the lost days and bring you a set of photos from our trip! :)

Our driver arrived promptly at Spier Estate at 10am and we headed straight to our first stop, Rhodes Memorial, where this photo was taken. Isn't it a pretty view?

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  1. Paul

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    It is yes, Kerry. Although the restaurant is perfectly situated, I can’t say that I’ve ever really enjoyed dining there… I’ve always found the service to be disappointing, and the food acceptable, but average. What’s your experience been?

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