Loop and Buiten Street

Loop and Buiten Street
In my previous post I asked for you to guess where I'd taken the photo. Well, it was right about here, on the corner of Loop and Buiten Street - which quite close to the top of Loop.

If you're looking for a quiet coffee-shop-type restaurant, there's quite a nice coffee shop and bakery (that sells great cakes) right about here. I can't recall the name, but you can't miss it - it's not like there are a lot of restaurants in this part of Loop Street. :)

3 thoughts on “Loop and Buiten Street

  1. Just1n

    The bakery you are talking about is Marcelino and it is one block behind this photograph on the corner of Loop St and Orphan Street. Great cakes and reasonably priced food and coffee.

  2. Pamela

    Hey, I found the mosaic on Google Street View – its a palm tree on the side of a purple building right on the corner! Noted for next trip (as yet no date sadly!)

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