Where the street has no name

Where the street has no name
It is in the city, but to be perfectly honest, I have no idea which street this was - though I'm sure one of you will recognise the buildings and identify it for me, right? :)

This road reminded me a little of San Francisco. Not that Cape Town is by any means as hilly, but still, I find the rises in the distance somewhat reminiscent of that great West Coast city.

6 thoughts on “Where the street has no name

  1. Dieter

    I do enjoy your quizzes. After a couple of minutes on google maps/earth, I managed to find it. It is the corner of Adderley and Riebeek, looking up Riebeek St. http://goo.gl/maps/PDsTT

    Having lived in San Francisco, I agree, it does have a bit of a San Francisco feel to it.

    Keep the quizzes coming!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    @Dieter, you legend you. Adderley and Riebeek, that’s it! :)
    I spent only two weeks in SFC – mostly in Palo Alto though.

    @Deems, it seems you’re the odd one out – you’re just going to have to fix that and visit California! :)

  3. Dieter

    I actually gave up on SF because of the cost of living there, and moved to Charlotte. I do however have quite a lot of South African friends who still live there. San Francisco (or rather just outside the city itself, including Palo Alto) is the closest match for Cape Town weather I’ve managed to find in the US.

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