A really old telephone booth

A really old telephone booth
This telephone booth, near Maynardville Park in Wynberd (map), is really awesome, though unfortunately empty and bolted shut. It's so sad, I'd love to have seen a really old coin-operated, dial-type phone in the booth. I hazard a guess that it was vandalised or stolen many years ago. :(

6 thoughts on “A really old telephone booth

  1. Steve Hayes

    Brings back memories of my youth, and using “long tickeys” and other methods of getting free phone calls. Would you mind if I nicked the pic (with acknowledgement, of course) to use on my blog?

  2. Dennis Maeder

    I remember that particular booth very well. In the sixties I walked or rode past it every day on my way to and from school. It was just outside a small branch post office and Mr. Parbhoo’s general dealer store. His brother ran the shoe sales and repair store next door (still there), and Mrs Burton ran a small grocery store on the corner.

    As the years passed it slowly became less well maintained, and suffered from occasional use as a public lavatory. That made it unsafe or unappealing to use, even with the door wide open.

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