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A really old telephone booth

A really old telephone booth
This telephone booth, near Maynardville Park in Wynberd (map), is really awesome, though unfortunately empty and bolted shut. It's so sad, I'd love to have seen a really old coin-operated, dial-type phone in the booth. I hazard a guess that it was vandalised or stolen many years ago. :(

Public telephones in South Africa

Public Telephones
Public Telephones like these are operated by Telkom, South Africa's land-line service provider. Some are coin-operated, whereas others require a phone card (which is obviously easier for Telkom as they don't have to collect money from the phones each day). :)

Coin-operated phones are blue, while cardphones are green... so your guess is as good as mine in this case. I unfortunately failed to check these phones (at the V&A Waterfront). For plenty of information about how to phone to and from South Africa, read this article on the SouthAfrica.Info website - it's pretty informative. Alternatively, if you'd simply like some information about Telkom's phonecards, you'll find the information here.

Phonecards can be purchased from shops that display the Telkom logo. Visit this page on their site for more information.