World War Steampunk guy?

World War Steampunk guy
This is one of the artworks on display at the The Woodstock Foundry, 160 Albert Road, Woodstock. Pretty awesome, don't you think? This statue in some way reminded me of James Bigglesworth - remember that guy? :)

Anyway, I'm not sure, but given that the sculpture looks to me like it's made from bronze, I'm assuming that it was made by an artist working for (or at least affiliated with) BronzeAge at The Woodstock Foundry. Visit their site, they have a few fantastic pieces in their gallery.

5 thoughts on “World War Steampunk guy?

  1. Steve Crane

    William Brown was a character in a series of books written by Richmal Crompton. He was a naughty English schoolboy, with a group of friends that considered themselves a gang. Just William, published in 1922, was the first book in a long series.

    You might think that this sounds rather familiar and I’m pretty sure that Topsy Smith (born 1914) drew inspiration for his Trompie books from the William books. There are far too many similarities for it to be coincidental.

  2. Paul

    Post author

    There was something familiar about the character when I read the Wikipedia article – and now that you mention it, Trompie, for sure! :)

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