Louis Botha’s statue

Louis Botha's statue
Louis Botha, the gentleman on the stocky steed, was the first Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa back in the early 1900s. The Wikipedia article is fairly informative, so let me not repeat all of that here.

From the angle of the photo, and the view of Lion's Head in the background, I'd say there's a fair chance that you worked out that this here is the entrance to Cape Town's parliament buildings, and that the well-known Company's Gargens are more or less to the right of this photo, just behind the parliament buildings.

While thinking about this photos I realised that I've never visited the buildings - and I'm not actually aware whether or not the public can easily gain entrance. Do you perhaps know?

3 thoughts on “Louis Botha’s statue

  1. Jean Meyer

    There is a visitor center in the parliament tower (Marx Building). You just need your ID and then you can go for a tour of Parliament and even attend the National Assembly, if you like to see MPs screaming at eachother.

    The center is also in Plein street right next to parliament under the Marx Building.

  2. Jean Meyer

    When you stand where you stood to take your cracks in government photo, just walk around the corner towards parliament and you will find the visitor center.

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