Pretty weed seed

Pretty weed seed
These are very irritating when in one's garden, but here, in a field, back-lit by the sun - well, they're actually quite pretty. Don't you think it's cool how something either ordinary-looking or just plain unimpressive can look so pretty when captured in the right conditions?

It's like the beautiful models we see photographed in magazines - they're often actually not quite as good looking as you may think; it's often just the make-up artists, photographers, and expensive equipment that make them look so darn awesome. I'm not implying that their particular body structure, attitude, and abilities have nothing to do with it, but it's also true that people (perhaps like you) who you'd consider ordinary can look quite astoundingly attractive given similar treatment that models are given.

Enough of that though. :) Remember to check out the competition to win tickets to the Elgin Cool Wine and Country Festival. The competition closes tomorrow, 3 April.

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