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Sculpting by Gabrielle Alberts @Artmode

Sculpting by Gabrielle Alberts @Artmode
I took this photo at the Artmode event at Youngblood-Africa's gallery in Cape Town. I watched Gabrielle for some time while she worked on this miniture sculpture - it's incredible how delicate she can be while handling the pieces; I'd have broken them several times over. :) Take a look at this interview with her - it's in Afrikaans, so if you don't understand the language... :)

Artmode at the Youngblood Gallery

Artmode at Youngblood
I went along to the Artmode "Holistic Expression of Integrated Arts" event on Thursday - it was fantastic. If you ever see the flyers, or catch wind of it on Social media, make a plan to go along - you're unlikely to regret it.

The evening was hosted at Youngblood-Africa's three-story gallery on 70-72 Bree Street in Cape Town, and brought together performing artists, sculptors, and painters and other artists to produce an ensemble of creative people who entertained us over glasses, many glasses, of wine. :)

I'll post a few more photos of the works that were on display - so, keep an eye out for those and remember, as I said, if you catch wind of Artmode II, be sure to get a ticket. And if that doesn't happen soon enough - take some time to visit Youngblood - you'll be glad you did.