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Artmode at the Youngblood Gallery

Artmode at Youngblood
I went along to the Artmode "Holistic Expression of Integrated Arts" event on Thursday - it was fantastic. If you ever see the flyers, or catch wind of it on Social media, make a plan to go along - you're unlikely to regret it.

The evening was hosted at Youngblood-Africa's three-story gallery on 70-72 Bree Street in Cape Town, and brought together performing artists, sculptors, and painters and other artists to produce an ensemble of creative people who entertained us over glasses, many glasses, of wine. :)

I'll post a few more photos of the works that were on display - so, keep an eye out for those and remember, as I said, if you catch wind of Artmode II, be sure to get a ticket. And if that doesn't happen soon enough - take some time to visit Youngblood - you'll be glad you did.

Rocking the Daisies tickets go on sale in May

Rocking the Daisies
I think Rocking the Daisies was here. Or, rather, a poster about Rocking the Daisies seems once to to have been erected on this wall. :)

If you plan on visiting Cape Town over the period of 2-5 October 2014, and if you'd like to hang out at a wine farm with a huge group of music-crazy people for a weekend, listening to local bands rock the stage, then don't hesitate, don't delay, get ready to buy your Rocking the Daisies tickets in May. They sell out fast folks.

Not so very naked World Naked Bike Ride

Not so very naked World Naked Bike Ride
Last year I happened upon the World Naked Bike Ride, but this time around I was reminded by someone's post on Facebook, and decided to go along to get a few pics to share.

The strange thing that I noticed while walking around the gathering spot was that there was (a) way more clothing this year, (b) way more spectators, and (c) far fewer riders.

Now, the reason why (in the title of this post) I'm focusing in on the fact that there was way more clothing this year is that... this is the World Naked Bike Ride, so I'd expected there to be a fair amount of nakedness - and there just wasn't, and that was weird.

The organisers made it perfectly clear that the amount of naked is everyone's choice (which I'd agree is a sensible position to take), but as a group the WNBR really wasn't a WNBR, in my opinion. :)

Come to think of it... I believe this is the first year that the ride has had an official permit - and I wonder if a more modest appearance was a proviso of the permit? Perhaps I missed the memo.

2014 FHM calendar launch party

2014 FHM calendar launch
Each year I get invited to go along to the FHM calendar launch party, and for some reason each year I manage to miss the event.

I really wasn't feeling up to it after a long day at the office, but given that I love taking photos of people, I knew that I'd probably enjoy the evening I hence convinced myself to go out and be part of the fun and admire the beautiful woman that comprise the 2014 calendar.

I arrived at The Office (where the event was being held), and was presented with a drink (and interesting flavoured beer, though, I can't remember the brand) and ushered upstairs where the party was erupting.

I spent the next two hours taking photos of the models (who, as you can suspect, really love having their pictures taken) and mingling among the excitable guests, most of whom were packed like a shoal of sardines on the outside balcony.

I'll post a few more pictures and give you my impression of the models and the event in one or two follow-up posts.

EDIT: Here are links to more photos from launch party. Enjoy. :)
Photos 1 - Photos 2 - Photos 3