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Looking cool at Passenger’s Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset concert

Looking cool at the Passenger concert
Actually, she wasn't just standing there, offering a peace sign. She was an usher at Passenger's Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset concert - and she was holding up two fingers to let us know she'd ferreted out a space on the grass for two people to sit. :)

Rocking the Daisies tickets go on sale in May

Rocking the Daisies
I think Rocking the Daisies was here. Or, rather, a poster about Rocking the Daisies seems once to to have been erected on this wall. :)

If you plan on visiting Cape Town over the period of 2-5 October 2014, and if you'd like to hang out at a wine farm with a huge group of music-crazy people for a weekend, listening to local bands rock the stage, then don't hesitate, don't delay, get ready to buy your Rocking the Daisies tickets in May. They sell out fast folks.