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Le Roux

Le Roux's Gravestone
If you never caught the first post in the series of cemetery photos – click here to see what the series is all about.

This is a different perspective on the same grave as the one shown in my previous photo. Looking at how this one has deteriorated over the years, I wonder what this, and similar graves, will look like in 100 years from now. Will they be completely run down? Who will restore them?

Anchor at Stellenbosch cemetery

Anchor at Stellenbosch cemetery
I recently took a walk through Stellenbosch cemetery. The trip yielded so many interesting thoughts about life, death, and the living's memorial thereof that I've decided to post a few photos that show different aspects of the cemetery.

Don't allow yourself to get all depressed - but do take a moment to reflect on the meaning of life as you view this series of photos.