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A shiny metal elephant

A Shiny Metal Elephant
Imagine how long it must have taken to build this elephant. Imagine all the effort that it took to cut and then weld the bits and pieces together... imagine how long it took to shine this enormous metal proboscidea

You'll find this and many other artworks outside the African Trading Post at the V&A Waterfront.

No, I never actually knew that elephants were part of the Proboscidea family. ;)

Empire Asian Restaurant in Sea Point

Indian Elephant

To celebrate my sister's birthday we joined her and a few of her friends for dinner at Empire Asian Restaurant, one of the Chinese restaurants in Sea Point Main Road. The plan was to take advantage of their R99 all-you-can-eat sushi special.

What I learned from the experience is that one can only eat a certain amount of salmon and tuna before feeling just a little ill. :) The service was great, but the sushi was only "okay" and not up to the likes of Sevruga (in the V&A Waterfront) and Sawadee (just off Kloof Street). Some of our party decided to skip the sushi and dine on the traditional Chinese meals which looked absolutely scrumptious (and instantly had me regretting opting for the R99 special!).

Tip: Skip the coffee, have the green tea. The Chinese don't seem to be much into coffee and I'm pretty convinced it was instant. I normally drink instant coffee, so it was fine, but it probably wouldn't satisfy my coffee snob friends. :D