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The view from Salt Restaurant

The view from Salt Restaurant
In my previous article I posted a photo that I took down towards the ground from the window at Salt Restaurant. This photo shows the view when looking out from the window, towards the left.

This was our first visit to Salt and, besides for the gorgeous view, we found the service and the food outstanding. As a starter we ordered Ballottine of Trout - which turned out to be a magnificent choice. For our main course we both enjoyed a (very rare, very tender, and very sizable) sirloin steak, with a huge and perfectly prepared cappuccino crème brûlée to complete the meal. (We're pretty fussy when it comes to crème brûlée, so the words "perfectly prepared" shouldn't be taken lightly).

All in all, while Salt is a little on the expensive side, we really enjoyed ourselves. The food tasted great and for a fine-dining restaurant, the portions were very large. The only thing that I'm able to criticize them on is the coffee - it was far too strong (for my liking).

Well done Salt!