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Love indigenous

Love indigenous
As I've mentioned before, the Green Point Park is filled with indigenous plants. I imagine the vegetation in this scene looks quite different to that back home where you live, not so?

If you're not familiar with Cape Town, then perhaps you wouldn't recognise that green hill as being Signal Hill - although if you've ever visited here I can't imagine you'd mistake the one in the background for anything other than Lion's Head. Kinda pretty, don't you think?

Oudekraal nature reserve on Table Mountain

Oudekraal and Hout Bay
I took this photo from the Constantia side of Table Mountain. That in the distance is the Lion's Head look-alike that you may have recalled seeing on your drive though the Hout Bay area. Hout Bay's to the left, and Llandudno's to the right - with the vast Oudekraal nature reserve in the valley below. Pretty awesome, don't you think?

You can access this spot from where the Constantia Nek hiking trail starts - right where Rhodes Drive meets the circle before the descent to Hout Bay.

Walking though the fynbos

Walking though the fynbos
This is the last of the four photos of our hike at Hillcrest. After my previous photo of the Hillcrest vineyards and Table Mountain, I thought I'd show you this perspective - a little further on into our hike, at a time when we weren't quite sure which route to follow back to the restaurant and our car.

If you look carefully you can faintly see the white buildings on the right side of the photo, almost in the middle. While trails had arrows and were marked "Hillcrest", we weren't sure which trail would be the shortest. It's almost impossible to see where trails lead and basically ends up being a flip of a coin that causes one to choose a 30 minute walk back over a 3 hour hike over hills and down dales.

Foxgloves and fynbos

These Foxgloves are of the flowers that you'll find growing in fields around the Western Cape. These particular ones, as you may have gathered, I found on Tygerberg Hill during a recent visit. I find the way that sun lights them up awesomely beautiful!

Am I alone in this, or is there anyone else who lives in suburban Cape Town who also thinks that it would be awesome to have a well-kept, but completely Fynbos and wildflower garden instead of manicured grass, popular shrubs and flowers?