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World Naked Bike Ride – 2013

World Naked Bike Ride - 2013
If you participated in the WNBR then I may have a photo or two of you. If you'd like these, then leave a comment or send an email to the address on my contact page.

Each year the World Naked Bike Ride organises an awareness protest against the high levels of carbon emissions in our cities. This weekend was, with Cape Town and the Argus Cycle Tour in fully swing, the perfect time to do so in Cape Town.

I won't bore you with what we all know about carbon monoxide and the excessive use of combustible fuel, but what I guess is worth mentioning is that if Cape Town were legislatively a more bike-friendly city (like say Paris, Amsterdam, or San Francisco is) then we'd probably have fewer cars on the road, less pollution in the air, fitter-leaner friends, and more money to spend of the fun things in life, rather than on petrol and vehicle maintenance!

The reality is though that even if a large proportion of the city's inhabitants became lean-mean-cycling-machines, the poorer folk who can't afford to fix their smelly-stinky vehicles will still drive smelly-stinky vehicles, the more affluent will still drive their large gas-guzzling 4x4s and muscle cars, and businesses trying to squeeze every penny out to survive still won't send trucks spewing black fumes to the mechanic or graveyard.

All of this said, still, if we were able to make Cape Town cyclist-friendly, and if we were able to separate where cars, buses, and trucks ride from where cyclists do, it would go a long way to reducing our carbon footprint and creating healthier, happier people.

Cape canal

Cape canal
Sadly, this little canal in Adderley street is somewhat polluted. The general scene looks pretty enough, but on close inspection you'd see bits of plastic and paper drifting in the water, lodged in the trees, and strewn on the walkways.

Why are people so messy? Sure, Cape Town's wind doesn't help with this type of pollution - it's all too easy for papers and plastics to get blown out of people hands, or from their bags. If you drop a piece of paper when the wind's at it's best, there's no hope of retrieving it. But, it's often also the case that people have no sense for the environment and don't think twice before dumping their litter.