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Cape canal

Cape canal
Sadly, this little canal in Adderley street is somewhat polluted. The general scene looks pretty enough, but on close inspection you'd see bits of plastic and paper drifting in the water, lodged in the trees, and strewn on the walkways.

Why are people so messy? Sure, Cape Town's wind doesn't help with this type of pollution - it's all too easy for papers and plastics to get blown out of people hands, or from their bags. If you drop a piece of paper when the wind's at it's best, there's no hope of retrieving it. But, it's often also the case that people have no sense for the environment and don't think twice before dumping their litter.

Ugly barbed wire

Ugly barbed wire
Barbed wire on its own is unsightly. Add Cape Town's wind, and (of) its citizens relaxed attitude towards littering, and we get untidy and downright ugly. Don't you just hate the look of barbed wire fences covered in black and white plastic bags?

Perhaps government should introduce a new public holiday called Clean City Day, a day when everybody is compelled to spend at least two hours cleaning litter from public places.

See this article about last year's Clean Up day in Johannesburg, organised by Pickitup. Imagine this on a national scale!

Careless litter

Field of litter

I took this photo while walking back home after leaving the Kwikspar (mentioned in my last post). Whilst the field's not a complete litter dump, I found it annoying that every now and again I came across of a piece of careless litter like the one presented in the photo.

Even as a kid I would never have dreamed of throwing my chocolate wrappers on the ground. Even if they fell by accident I'd pick them up. Even if the wind blew them beyond reach, I'd chase them down. Why is it that some think it's okay to not take care? Do you think it's that they simply don't think about what they're doing? Do you think that they believe that someone else should chase after their rubbish because they're too awesome to have to deal with it?