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That’s some attitude

That's some attitude
I waited for the train to stop and for people to start disembarking. While I was down on one knee (not "down on one knee" like that though) the guy to the left stepped out of the train onto the platform, keeping his eyes fixed on me all the while that the train stood still. I, of course, doggedly pretended not to see him.

I wondered at the time what he may be thinking. I could just imagine that it was something like "WTF? Crazy white boy!". (Said in a BA Baracus accent of course.) :D

All stations to Cape Town

All stations to Cape Town
As I said in my first post about this train station - the journey from Brackenfell to Cape Town station is an extremely monotonous one when taken every day. I pitty the poor souls who travel from Wellington to Cape Town each day.

With the exception of one or two, rush hour trains (which I guess are the ones between 06h30-08h30 and 16h00-18h00) stop at every station along the way! Each time that they stop the doors open and, at this time of the year, in blasts cold winter weather like that which we're experiencing right now.

I certainly don't miss the days of commuting on the train, but perhaps I do miss the 45 minute snooze that I sometimes managed to squeeze in on those big blue vinyl seats. :D

Train to Kraaifontein

Train Station
Continuing with my theme of train stations and tracks, this is a 180° turn from my previous photo, with the next stop in this direction being the small station of Eikenfontein (Ache-en-fawn-tain), followed by the next major station, Kraaifontein (Cry-fawn-tain).

In case you're interested, here's a Metrorail route map.

Train tracks and barbed wire

Train tracks and barbed wire
What you see here is one of the train stations along our Northern Suburbs rail route.

For several years I'd find myself, early in the morning, taking a 20 minute walk to the station followed by a short (or sometimes long) wait on the platform and then the most monotonous 45 minute 25 kilometer ride to Cape Town station, with nothing more to look forward to than a 15 minute walk up to Cape Technikon and a day's worth of tinkering with computers and sitting in the most boring accounting and statistics lectures. To crown this all, once I completed my studies this continued as I started working for company in the Cape Town city center!

It's all worked out pretty well though - I now don't have to wake up too early and work only 10 minutes away from home. I sure do have it good! :)