That’s some attitude

That's some attitude
I waited for the train to stop and for people to start disembarking. While I was down on one knee (not "down on one knee" like that though) the guy to the left stepped out of the train onto the platform, keeping his eyes fixed on me all the while that the train stood still. I, of course, doggedly pretended not to see him.

I wondered at the time what he may be thinking. I could just imagine that it was something like "WTF? Crazy white boy!". (Said in a BA Baracus accent of course.) :D

9 thoughts on “That’s some attitude

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Heh – no you never did Eleonora… but that’s quite a funny thought, that you’re in love with Howlin’ Mad Murdoch. :D I’ll see what I can do to hook you up. ;)

  2. Ali

    Do you know another language, where you can create new long words by combining single words? How about Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz. Can you pronounce it? *lol* The Law RflEttÜAÜG, official abbrev., was introduced in 2000. Purportedly, the delegates started laughing after the department for agriculture has introduced the legislative project in the parliament. With its 63 letters, the Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz is one of the longest valid German words.

    Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz! Try it. *lol*

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Now that is a long word. I have trouble enough reading it, let alone trying to pronounce it!

    We’re off to see The A-Team at a local cinema in 5 minutes. :)

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Now that was a pretty cool movie. To anyone who reads this – remember to sit in your seat until after the credits. There’s a post credits scene. :)

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