Failure is just an early attempt at success…

Station graffiti
Isn't this just the coolest piece of graffiti? The statement is impressively profound - compared to what one normally finds scrawled on walls... or indeed finds scrawled on the rest of this wall.

I'm using this photo as a desktop background at the moment - it's somewhat different as far as desktops go. :) Why not click on the photo to see the large version and then download it as a desktop background for your own computer? Just leave a comment on this post if you're unsure how to do so and I'll try to help you out.

6 thoughts on “Failure is just an early attempt at success…

  1. wanda

    This is just classic! I receive your daily photos by email and love them. Some of them have inspired stories. Others are a window on CT. Well done on a great site. Can you, in the near future, maybe hook your site up to Facebook, so that we can easily share your pics there with others?

  2. Bev

    Well I will then see this 3 times a day, here, facebook & twitter can I cope with so much ‘Paul’ :)

    I have to say that sometimes I really do admire graffiti, there is some amazing talent out there, well spotted Paul.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Ah, no Bev – I wasn’t going to auto-publish… I only do that to my @ctdp Twitter account.

    I’ll add a link whereby Wanda can easily share the pic on her FB profile… so unless you ‘re friends with her I don’t think you’ll see it. :)

  4. WhoCares

    Does anyone know who done this? Is this Seaton, Seaton Huey?…I think this was done by students of Bernidino Heights High…I go there and I recognize all three of those gangs and seen those names on desk before

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