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The Golden Mole trail on Tygerberg Hill

The Golden Mole trail on Tygerberg Hill
In 2009 I posted a photo taken on top of Tygerberg Hill, along with a map of the route that you can drive to get to the upper parking area.

Kerry-Anne and I decided to walk one of the hiking trails, The Golden Mole trail. Take a look at the route that I recorded using Map May Run.

It costs only R12.50 to enter the nature reserve. Visit The Friends of Tygerberg Hills's website for information about organised hikes. Note that Tygerberg Hill has two entrances, the one I showed in my map, and another in Plattekloof, lower down and on the other side of the hill.

Picnic Hill

Going to picnic
I faked a walk-by and then sneaked up behind these four waking up the Tygerberg Hill for a picnic under the pine trees. Warm and sunny day's like today are perfect for taking the short walk up the steep tared road to the top of the hill.

The entrance fee to the reserve is R10 per person (and I think R5 per child). The top of the hill is wonderfully cool on hot summer days and the reserve provides sturdy tables and benches for you to sit at while enjoying your picnic - free from ants and other insects who may otherwise conspire to rob you of you rations. :)

If you're unsure of how to find the reserve's parking area - in this post I've added a link to a Google map that illustrates the path to the top of the hill.