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Old wooden lockers

Old wooden lockers
These wooden lockers must be many years old and must have in their time belonged to several people. Imagine all the history that they must be privy to - the different items they've stored over the years, from worker's lunches to coats and perhaps even stolen or illegal items. Imagine the stories that they'd tell if the could speak. There's almost certainly a novel here waiting to be written. :)

Old wooden décor

Old wooden furniture
I may be dragging out the question that I posed in my second-last post a little, but (besides for the fact that I'm a little behind in these daily photos) there were so many photo opportunities at this place that I've decided to give one more clue before revealing this restaurant's identity and location.

Don't you just love this wooden décor? While it wouldn't suite our house I think it's awesome. Take a close look at the woodwork and imagine a family crowded around a piece of wood, carving out every detail by hand. I kid you not, much of this type of furniture is made by mom, dad and their children.

I find myself thinking of this both as wonderful and sad at the same time. While this kind of family work may instill a great sense of unity it's sad that in many parts of the world kids aren't left to be kids for very long. All too soon the practice of having to earn one's keep become a reality.