Don’t drive to the voting station

Driving my car

As I mentioned yesterday, tomorrow will be the day that gazillions (hopefully!) of South Africans visit their local voting stations to put their cross on a ballot and cast a vote for a political party... or I guess in many cases, against a political party.

Whichever party :-) you fall into, why not do as Kerry-Anne and I will tomorrow? Don't drive to your voting station, but walk instead! You'll (a) avoid possible traffic, (b) get some exercise, and (c) have a chance to walk outside in the nice, clear, and comfortable 25°C weather we'll be having. It looks like it will be a perfect day for voting - not too hot, not too cold.

Of course, I should probably disclose that we only live a shy 900 metres from our voting station... :)

5 thoughts on “Don’t drive to the voting station

  1. Jennab

    We’ll be walking to vote too!

    *disclosure – we only have about 100m to walk, but afterwards we will go for a walk on the beach front and enjoy the day :)

  2. virginia

    we have about a 5 km walk so i think the car was a good choice- we found out about a very quiet station and it only took 20 mins to drive, q, vote and get home -feel happy its done- hoping for a good outcome now…

  3. Paul

    Post author

    @Jennab – I guess it would take longer getting your car out and driving to the station. :) Which area do you live in Jenna? I’m presuming Table View, or somewhere out that side. How is the beach? It doesn’t look exactly like walking-on-beach weather: ;)

    @virginia – Come now Virginia, 5km isn’t that far! (He says knowing that there’s no way he would have walked either). Yup, we were all done in 20 minutes too. Off to Wimpy now for our free coffee. ;)

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