South African Elections: the ballot paper

Election Ballot Paper

As decided yesterday, we took a leisurely stroll over to our local voting station, and were back home 35 minutes later - duty done. The voting process was quick and painless, and went something like this:

  1. We joined the queue - about 80 metres long at the time.
  2. We proceeded slowly to the head of the queue, which was at the door of the school building.
  3. As four people exited, four of us were let into the building (I guess there were about 12 to 16 voters in the building at any one time).
  4. I handed my Identity Document to the official who scanned the bar-code and printed a little "receipt" of sorts.
  5. I took my receipt and headed to the next official who found and crossed off my name on a printed list.
  6. Next, I moved over to the tattoo parlour (kidding) where a little drop of iodine was dripped onto my left thumb nail. (Here's Kerry-Anne's thumb nail.)
  7. I then moved on to the next two officials who collected and checked my "receipt", and handed me a provincial and national ballot paper respectively.
  8. Almost done, I walked around to the voting booth, where I took this photo and drew an X in the appropriate blocks.
  9. And finally, I walked to the table holding the two ballot boxes, and dropped in my ballot papers.

I believe that some people had to wait far longer than we did to cast their vote. I guess it depends on the concentration of voters in a particular area, as well as the efficiency with which the voting station is being operated (along with technical challenges that I believe some had with the bar-code scanners). I took a drive past our voting station this evening just before closing at 9pm - and while there wasn't a long queue at all, there were still people arriving in dribs and drabs. Let's hope that everyone who wanted to vote made it through to the various stations on time.

4 thoughts on “South African Elections: the ballot paper

  1. Ben Wideman

    I love this picture.

    My wife and I still have a the first SA election ballot hanging on our wall as a souvenir of our trip there in 2003. I love how many parties are represented – especially in contrast to how shockingly few their are on the US ballot.

    I hope everything went smoothly today and the right party was chosen!

  2. Beverley

    Yes we’ve been watching and listening on our news about the SA elections with interest – our only concerns at the moment is the value of the Rand against our £…!!!

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