FRock! Local bands at Ratanga

Music Concert on Saturday
Local bands The Parlotones, aKing, CrashCarBurn, The Dirty Skirts and Taxi Violence will be rocking our world at Ratanga Junction (Cape Town's Theme Park) on Saturday night. And - we're going!

The next time that Kerry-Anne and I are on holiday in some other country (perhaps your country) we're going to make a plan to attend some kind of music concert. It's the norm to visit the tourist spots (after all, they're tourist spots because they're cool, right?), but if one's wanting to experience the locals, perhaps one of the more interesting ways is to attend a music concert.

Many week days, and on every weekend, you'll find one or more well-known local bands playing somewhere, and a horde of largely unknown (but still pretty good) bands playing from Hout Bay to Durbanville. You'll generally be able to find and book for live concerts at CompuTicket, or WebTickets (just make sure that the concert isn't in some other part of the country).

Check the FRock FaceBook Group, or Premier Attraction's site, for more concert details. For now, just to mention, gates open at 5pm and the music starts at 6pm (and oh, it's an indoor event ;) ).

2 thoughts on “FRock! Local bands at Ratanga

  1. Beverley

    Not something that we look out for but maybe that’s something to do with our age…but hey when you do make it to the UK and you ‘stay with us’ I’m sure there’s many local bands around for you to go and listen to!!

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