Nobu at the One & Only Hotel Cape Town

NOBU at The One and Only

Tonight we were treated to dinner at NOBU, the upmarket Japanese restaurant at Sol Kerzner's 3-week-old One&Only Hotel. It was an evening filled with exquisite food, top-class service and really great company, in an elegant yet strangely unpretentious atmosphere.

We all opted for the 7-course omakase meal (if you're not familiar with Japanese dining, eating omakase basically means that you leave the choice of dishes up to the chef), which turned out to be a really good idea - we lost count of the number of dishes the waiters brought out to us, and we sent every single plate back scraped clean. The food was fantastic, and included things like prawn tempura with dipping sauces, black cod, edamame, a selection of sushi, tuna sashimi salad, whitefish sashimi, beef kushiyaki and grilled Cape salmon. Dessert was included too, and featured a lot of yummy oozy chocolate, whisky-flavoured cream, and ice cream (as you can probably tell, I can't remember the actual names of any of the desserts... but they were gooooood).

One member of our party had previously been to the London NOBU, and she said without hesitation that the Cape Town version was better.

Read more about the One&Only Hotel Cape Town, and if you think you might like to come and stay for a few nights, check out the room rates so that you can start budgeting.

I can certainly recommend Nobu if you're in the mood for a special night out. Just be sure to dress up nice and pretty and leave your penny-pinching side at home. ;-)

Have a look at the rest of our photos of the hotel and restaurant.

5 thoughts on “Nobu at the One & Only Hotel Cape Town

  1. JBagley

    Kerry-Anne, what was the pricing of the dinner like at Nobu? Relative to other upmarket establishments in CT, or way over that?

    I’m thinking of taking my wife there for dinner sometime, I’m just not certain on if it will break the bank!

  2. Paul

    @Geoffrey, @Jason, it was pretty expensive. The fact is however that you’re (a) not paying only for what you’re eating, (b) paying for the expertise found in the kitchen, and (c) for exclusivity. (Not that either of you implied that the price is unreasonable.)

    Oh, guys, Kerry-Anne would have replied, except I reconfigured our email system and she hasn’t updated her client… so she doesn’t yet know about these comments. :)

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