Somewhat bitter; somewhat dry; but never sweet

The Castle Hotel

Looking at this photo, I'm not really surprised that the Castle Hotel is for sale. But perhaps I'm being a tiny bit harsh - it's possible that this location was once (many, many years ago) a wonderful place to stay. I wait in anticipation for someone who remembers to leave a comment and let us know. :)

I found this building in Zonnebloem, just outside the CBD, and right next to Charly's Bakery. What caught my attention was the hotel's apparent affiliation with with Castle Lager (a widely loved South African beer for which I sincerely have little taste, but that my father-in-law loves).

What gave this affiliation away was the lettering's font, the insignia on the windows, and the huge "Castle Beers" sign on the front of the building. Must say, I find it strange that a brewery would have their own hotel... After googling the name I discovered that not only is this building for sale, but the old Castle Brewery in Woodstock (on the fringes of the city) is also for sale.

What's up Charles, need a loan? ;-)

2 thoughts on “Somewhat bitter; somewhat dry; but never sweet

  1. Saul Wainwright

    Just a little bit of history in terms of this picture. Almost all of the taverns and bars in SA at one point were owned by different breweries. I don’t remember the exact history – but it had something to do with the legal structure at the time. If you dig through old photos of Simonstown you will find a number of these types of hotel/bars. They mostly died out with shifts in the laws. I will try and remember to dig up more of the history if you are interested.

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