A beautiful sea-side walk

Sea Point Promenade
The Sea Point Promenade is a popular gathering place for locals to take walks, keep fit by jogging, or have quiet picnics on the green lawn. If, while in Cape Town, you're keen on taking a long walk along the beach without actually walking on the sand, then park your car at Mouille Point (pronounced Moo-lee Point) and take a 3km walk past the light house, Three Anchor Bay, and along to the Sea Point public swimming pool. It's quite a walk, but on a beautiful day there's little that beats it! (Just remember that unless you catch a bus or taxi, there's a 3km walk waiting on the opposite direction. :) )

I've drawn the route for you over here on a Google Map.

Oh, and just for interest sake, the young lady walking in on the left is Kerry-Anne. :)

7 thoughts on “A beautiful sea-side walk

  1. Eleonora

    You’re killing me Paul!
    Look at that gorgeous winter sky… I would love to take the 6km walk… and then a picnic on the beach. Thanks for the great map.

    I heart Cape Town

    Eleonora xx

  2. Eleonora

    One last thing, it’s funny you should include the Pipe Track in your Google Maps hikes… because I lived on Theresa Ave when I stayed in Cape Town!! The view from my penthouse windows was stunning. My son was concieved there… Oh, the fond memories!

  3. Pamela

    I was delighted to find that I am on Google Street View at Mouille Point! We were on the promenade munching schwarmas from Ari’s Souvlaki when the trike went past and then had to wait until it went live to see – and there we are! I know some people have privacy issues about it, but I couldn’t be happier, a little bit of me will always be there if only virtually!

  4. Paul

    Post author

    Elorana, ah, it was a beautiful winter day hey! The air was a little cool though – but then I guess that’s perfect since you’d get fairly warm while walking. Yeah, the pipe track… “My son was conceived there” TMI girl TMI! ;)

    Pamela, that’s awesome! Where more or less were you and what were you wearing at the time? I scanned up and down quickly but couldn’t find anybody with a mouth full of schwarma! :)

  5. Cristina

    and what about the beautiful trees bent by the wind? I found them very funny.
    That promenade is fantastic. I love walking there looking the ocean and breathing the strong sea “parfume”. I’m looking forwards to be there again.
    I will be back in Cape Town on the 15th of July, at last… here in Italy now it is too warm and humid, for my taste!!!!

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