Sea Point Promenade

Sea Point Promenade

Although I'm really happy to live where we do - out in a quiet neighbourhood in the northern suburbs - one of the things that makes me a little jealous of people living in the Green Point/Sea Point area is the Sea Point promenade, pictured here.

As Paul mentioned in a previous post about the promenade, the path runs for about 3km along the beach and seafront, stretching from Mouille Point to Sea Point. On pretty much any summer's evening (and most winter's evenings too) you'll find the promenade filled with joggers and walkers. Where we live, if we want to take a walk in the evening after supper, we either have to drive somewhere a little more interesting (bit pointless, really) or make the most of the neighbourhood scenery - which consists mostly of houses, houses, and yet more houses.

If I lived anywhere in the vicinity of Sea Point, I think I'd be out on the promenade most days, either diligently exercising, or else lazily reading a book. Where's your favourite spot for taking walks? Is it close to your house, or do you have to drive to get there?

5 thoughts on “Sea Point Promenade

  1. Cristina

    I live in Gardens and I often go (walking from home)to the Company’s Gardens entering just in front of Mount Nelson Hotel. But when I miss the ocean I take the car and I go to the Sea Point Promenade, It looks very much like French Riviera (the houses). And when I want to rest I have my favorite bench, where I sit with a nice book, for quite a while

  2. Steve Crane

    Strand beach is awesome for walking when the wind isn’t blowing but living 3km away we need to drive there or add 6km of walking through boring suburbia to the walk on the beach.

  3. Christina

    I used to walk along there every morning to work in the early 80’s. The smell of the kelp, the breeze and the sound of the gulls was bliss.

  4. Kerry-Anne

    Post author

    Cristina, that sounds amazing. I really love the Company Gardens, and wouldn’t mind taking a little stroll through them every day!

    Steve, you’re right, Strand has a lovely beach for walks – it’s wide open and seems to stretch on forever. We haven’t been out to that side of the world for ages; I think we’ll need to take a little day-trip to Strand and Gordon’s Bay sometime before the end of summer.

  5. Urban J

    I’m quite happy living in Joburg, but whenever I’m in CT I always take a stroll along the promenade at dusk. Like you, it is what makes me WISH I lived in CT, and specifically, Seapoint.

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