Bicycle barrier ahead?!

Warning, barrier ahead
After being incredibly lazy for a few years I've decided to start being a little more active and get into running - trail-running in fact. Well, at the moment it's more like trail huffing-and-puffing, and it's only once a week - but it's a start at least. :)

I try to take my camera along wherever I go, and taking it along on a run has the added benefit of giving me an excuse to stop running; to take a photo while catching my breath. Sneaky hey?!

I took this particular photo at the beginning of a popular mountain bike trail in Durbanville. Even though we all know what the sign means, I still found it amusing that without a comma after "warning" the sign I could interpret it to mean that a warning-barrier in the shape of a bicycle lay ahead. :D

9 thoughts on “Bicycle barrier ahead?!

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  2. Ali Schwarzer

    Haha, Paul, my brother in mind! About two weeks ago, I also decided to do sth. good for my health. But I’m more active than you! 3 times a week jogging and 3 times a week strength training. Follow suit, mate!! :)

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Damn Tara, it makes me tired just watching the dailymile feed! :)

    Thanks for the info though – I’ll check it out more carefully as soon as my pulse stabilises.

  4. Paul

    Post author

    No man Ali – that’s madness! I followed about half of your route on StreetView and I have to say that there are prettier places to run in Cape Town. :)

    I kinda like the trail running – I think getting out of the city-vibe is what appeals to me about it. It must be quite different running along those streets.

  5. Ali Schwarzer

    You’re right, not the most beautiful place to run but the parks (of which we have a lot) used to be far away for me, the most untrained guy you have ever seen on this earth. :D So I decided to walk first from my home to not lose my motivation in the first week. Yesterday, I was surprised that I managed to run such a long distance. So I think, I will try a park trail tomorrow. :)

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